Medical analytics

Medical Analytics in the life sciences industry

Efficient medical communication with HCPs & KOLs

Medical Analytics in the life sciences industry

Efficient medical communication with HCPs & KOLs

Medical Science Liasion (MSL) Managers are the medical sales force in life sciences companies and, in addition to the sales force, an important tool in communication and exchange with Healthcare Providers (HCP) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

MSL communication in the omnichannel mix

In addition to the sales communication of key account managers, the communication of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) managers has also changed significantly as a result of the pandemic. On-site visits previously accounted for about 90% of interactions. With the outbreak of the pandemic, those visits have radically decreased and been replaced by phone calls and emails. New channels, such as video meetings and webinars, were rapidly introduced as well. Communication has therefore been completely restructured within a short period of time which also means that the interactions between MSL managers and HCPs as well as KOLs need to be tracked and evaluated in more detail.

Medical analytics dashboard

Gaining knowledge through MSL analyses

While the communication channels used in sales and medical sales forces are mostly identical, the nature and extent of interactions differ greatly. The medical sales force requires intensive preparation time for each HCP appointment, as the discussions and topics are highly individualized. Moreover, requests from HCPs often arise spontaneously and at short notice during the use of a . Life sciences companies also often distinguish between Medical Science Liasion Managers, who spend most of their time in the field, and Office Based (OB) Managers, who primarily perform office-based activities. All these factors must be considered when selecting metrics and setting goals. If properly taken into account, the analyses can provide very important insights into the degree of fulfillment of set interaction goals, the efficiency of communication and the effectiveness of products for further product development.

Are you tracking any of these key metrics?

Scientific interactions with KOLs

Breakdown by:

  • Quantity: total, per day, month, year, region, country

  • Average values for MSL managers as well as OB managers

  • Degree of target achievement: quantity, in terms of percentage

  • Used channel: On-site visit, email, …

  • Subject: e.g. therapy area, preparation, brand

  • Per KOL segment

  • Duration, frequency of contact

Time distribution between field days, field-related days and non-field-related days

Breakdown by:

  • Time reference: per day, month, year

  • Proportion in percent for each MSL and OB manager

  • Average values of all MSL and OB managers

  • Degree of target achievement: quantity, in terms of percentage

  • Type of activity: e.g. field work, administrative tasks, team meetings, compilation of information material, congress, vacation, sick leave

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