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Data Analytics

Your data is the key to your company’s success

Data Analytics

Your data is the key to your company’s success

Data analytics solutions help companies make the right business decisions based on company and market data. The path to becoming a data-driven company comes with many challenges. What data is worth looking at? Is the data informative? Which KPIs can be derived from the data? How are the respective results to be interpreted?

We advise you holistically throughout your data journey and support you starting from strategy development to data integration up to the conception and implementation of data analytics solutions. Thanks to our numerous years of experience, we are familiar with a wide range of solutions and can therefore provide you with technology-independent advice.

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4 good reasons why you should invest in data analytics

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Seeing-is-Believing Workshop

You would like to know the benefits of an analytics solution? We are happy to advise you and develop your analytics strategy together with you. As part of our Seeing-is-Believing (SiB) workshop, we develop first productive dashboards together with you, which allow you to gain practical experiences and immediately see the added value for yourself.

Gain new insights every day with the right analyses

The life sciences industry has always been defined by rapid changes such as patent cliffs, regulations, and new developments in the market. Analyzing and visually presenting your data is therefore essential to enable a fast and proactive response and decision-making in real time. In this regard, we support you by developing and carrying out suitable analyses for various specialist areas:

Commercial Analytics evaluates data from sales and marketing support systems (CRM system, website, mailing tool, …) and provides valuable insights into sales and customer engagement. With the help of commercial analytics, you can make informed, strategic decisions that will help you increase your revenue and gain a long-term competitive advantage.

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Medical Analytics deal with the analysis of the medical field service. The focus here lies on the efficiency of communication across different channels as well as the achievement of interaction goals with HCPs and KOLs.

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With Manufacturing Analytics, you can easily monitor your main KPIs in real time. We visualize your key production figures, such as throughput times, machine availability, productivity, and the achievement of target quantities, clearly in dashboards. In your dashboards, you can also identify any target deviations and their causes easily and early on, enabling you to initiate the appropriate countermeasures promptly.

In addition to production, you should also keep an eye on the other areas of the entire supply chain. With our solutions, we ensure that the various supply chain management and execution systems are effectively integrated into one analytics solution, resulting in transparency across all supply chain-relevant information and main KPIs.

You are working with SAP and would like to evaluate the data available there? With SAP Analytics, we help you process large volumes of SAP data and use analyses to transform your data into useful information and insights for your corporate planning.

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Data Integration

Data integration initiates analysis by rendering your data usable.

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