Commercial analytics in Life Sciences

Commercial Analytics in the life sciences industry

Customer-centric and data-driven towards better customer engagement

Commercial Analytics in the life sciences industry

Customer-centric and data-driven towards better customer engagement

Commercial Analytics evaluates data from sales and marketing support systems and provides valuable insights into customer engagement.

By using Commercial Analytics, life sciences companies can make educated, strategic decisions that help increase revenue and secure a long-term competitive advantage.
For example, you can evaluate the quality and efficiency of customer communication as well as the success of sales staff and activities. The analyses help concentrate marketing and sales expenses towards targeted campaigns.

Commercial analytics dashboard

Be able to answer key sales management questions:

  • How are certain regions developing?

  • What channels and tools are used by the sales reps?

  • How successful are the channels and tools used?

  • Are there any hidden factors that drive up costs?

  • Where are further investments profitable?

Seeing-is-Believing Workshop

You would like to know what benefits you gain from a Commercial Analytics solution? We are happy to advise you and develop your commercial analytics strategy together with you. As part of our Seeing-is-Believing (SiB) workshop, we develop first productive dashboards together with you, which allow you to gather practical experiences and immediately see the added value for yourself.

360° customer view through Commercial Analytics

Due to the digital equipment of sales representatives and the increasing digitalization of marketing activities, the amount of data available for tracking and analysis has significantly grown. To optimize the customer approach, it is therefore important to better understand the customers and their needs.

  • What messages does a customer respond positively to?

  • Which channel of communication does the customer prefer?

  • Are emails being read? What content is being visited on the website?

  • When is the right time to approach customers?

With the available data coming from sales, marketing and support services, a 360° customer view can be built up to bundle all this information and to provide insights into how a customer can be optimally addressed. The intelligent use of the insights gained also creates a comprehensive customer experience for the client by tailoring messages and actions to the individual customer across all channels.

Establishment of the omnichannel strategy

For the longest time, the sales force has been the most important sales channel within the life sciences industry and the implementation of a multichannel strategy was considered unimportant.

In 2020, the pandemic forced all life sciences companies to switch to all-digital communications and to make large investments in establishing digital sales and marketing tools in order to reach healthcare professionals. In the long-term, a hybrid customer engagement model combining offline and online channels will establish itself when it comes to addressing customers.

Challenges with Omnichannel Marketing

With the establishment of the omnichannel strategy and the development and expansion of digital sales as well as marketing channels and measures, new requirements arise for processes, workflows and the IT systems used, such as CRM and BI solutions.

  • Ensuring consistent targeting and messaging across all touchpoints along the customer journey and avoiding the uncoordinated use of channels and budgets

  • Consideration of customer needs and wishes regarding time of contact, communication channel and content

  • Evaluation of success based on suitable KPIs

  • Integration of data from various source systems

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