Emdedded Analytics Solution

Embedded Analytics for Veeva

Easily embed objects and dashboards in Veeva

Embedded Analytics for Veeva

Easily embed objects and dashboards in Veeva

Why integrate data from different source systems individually into Veeva when all the data has already been merged into Qlik Sense or another BI system?

We access this data and directly embed it seamlessly into Veeva CRM. This process saves you immense amounts of time and money by eliminating the need for time-consuming data integration and analysis reconstruction.

Your users will not be able to spot a difference between native Veeva CRM functions and embedded analyses.

Embedded Analytics for Veeva

Top 3 features

Here’s how embedded analytics works for Veeva:

  • As Qlik-Experts, our intuitive web template is at your disposal

  • With the intuitive drag & drop editor you can easily place Qlik Sense objects and entire dashboards anywhere throughout the template

  • Widgets for texts, chart types and buttons guarantee an easy handling without the requirement of programming knowledge

  • Colors and styling can also be adapted to the corporate design with just a few clicks

  • The finished template can be displayed on any page in Veeva CRM

  • For the end user, the report feels like a native page from Veeva CRM. Report and accounts are linked, so your users can jump between back and forth between at will.

Any more questions? We have got the answers for you!

  • Keeping your expenses low: No need for a complex data integration into Veeva, as Embedded Analytics does not require data to be natively available in Veeva
  • No web developer and MyInsights skills required. As a business analyst, you can easily create and edit all BI reports on your own via the drag & drop editor
  • Direct response: Any reports modified in Qlik will be automatically and immediately displayed in Veeva
  • No media discontinuity for Veeva users: Veeva contains all information from the customer & from Qlik centrally in the Veeva application
  • Deep Linking: Switch directly between reports and customer profiles/activities in Veeva.
  • This results in a significant improvement of user acceptance
  • Find all your data in Veeva: no need to switch back and forth between different applications
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface with the look and feel of Veeva
  • You can access a customer file directly from the analysis and plan further activities
  • Or access the associated reports from the customer profile without having to leave Veeva

Yes, our Embedded Analytics solution is also applicable for many other systems. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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