Veeva Service for Life Sciences

Veeva Services for Life Sciences

Efficient communication with HCPs

Efficient communication with HCPs


As an emerging Veeva partner with many years of experience in the life sciences industry, we support you with our CRM system, technology and industry know-how regarding the implementation and expansion of Veeva solutions.

Being life science specialists, we possess a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements and processes.

Our goal is to maximize your ROI in the Veeva Commercial Cloud and Veeva Medical Suite. With our Veeva services, we help you optimize your marketing and sales processes while achieving your efficiency and engagement goals.

Lizardis service offerings for Veeva solutions

Lizardis services for Veeva implementation

You would like to introduce a Veeva solution? We take a close look at your individual needs, business processes and objectives to ensure that your future Veeva CRM solution is a perfect fit.

As part of the implementation project, we work in direct collaboration with various roles, ranging from system administration to end users, to ensure that your new Veeva solution meets requirements at all levels. Additionally, we support you in evaluating and adapting your business processes and carry out the system setup, configuration, and data migration for you.

Thanks to our extensive experience in project management, we are also well qualified to accompany your implementation project with Veeva as an independent project manager.

Lizardis services for Veeva advisory

You would like to improve the way you work with your Veeva solution? We closely examine both your processes as well as your Veeva applications and evaluate how you can improve the efficiency of your communications with healthcare professionals and medical stakeholders, simplify content management, or track and analyze interactions and activities more effectively.

Veeva offers a wide range of products to help you improve your commercial and medical communication. We are happy to advise you on adding the right products to your Veeva solution.

Lizardis services for Veeva analytics

We are data enthusiasts and have a passion for analyzing and visualizing data in a way that helps you understand your customers’ actions and needs. With our analytics solutions, we enable you to make data-driven decisions in a simple and fast manner. If you need any assistance in interpreting your Veeva data, feel free to contact us about our Data Analytics and Data Insights services.

To additionally provide your Veeva users with a seamless user experience, we can embed your existing or new BI analytics and dashboards directly into the Veeva interface at the point of decision and action. This way, your users will no longer need to switch between Veeva and your BI system. Learn more about Embedded Analytics.

Lizardis experts training for Veeva solutions

Tailored to your needs and those of your employees, we offer individual basic and advanced training on the use as well as the administration and configuration of Veeva applications.

Thereby it does not matter if you are just implementing a Veeva solution, introducing a new module or further developing an existing application. Receiving professional training regarding the operation of the solution is always essential for ensuring a high level of user acceptance and its efficient application.

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