Data Integration Consulting

Data Integration

Transform your data to make it usable

Data Integration

Transform your data to make it usable

You want to analyze your data and gain new insights? Data integration is the first step of any analysis and describes the process of combining data from different sources.

The process also includes loading the data from various source systems, their cleansing, correct linking (mapping) as well as their transformation. The elementary goal of the process is to provide meaningful and valuable information since valid decisions in companies can only be made if the usability of all data important for the decision-making process is ensured.

Your path to a Data-Driven Organization with Lizardis

We accompany you on your data journey by establishing an optimal data strategy for data integration and analysis. At the same time, it doesn’t matter to us whether you already have a data strategy and need support in optimizing your data warehouse or whether you are still at the very beginning and lack the right data strategy as well as the appropriate systems. Do you already know which technology fits your requirements? We are happy to help you decide between a data warehouse, a data lake and a data lakehouse or a combination of different systems.

We provide technology- and product-independent consulting as well as holistic support for the expansion and improvement of your ETL or ELT routes, data cleansing, including the selection and implementation of the appropriate technologies and products (e.g. Qlik Replicate and Compose, Amazon Glue, S3 and Redshift, Hadoop, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, etc.).

This is how we support you

Make better decisions with Data Lakes and Data Lakehouses

You have a large amount of both unstructured and structured data and want to use it for in-depth data analysis? The sole use of a data warehouse, which only stores structured data, does not make such an endeavor possible. At this point, a data lake or data lakehouse is required in order to gain insights that will help you make better business decisions.

We are happy to advise you on the use of data lakes and data lakehouses as well as on the creation of a holistic data basis for the use of data analytics and data insights solutions. Furthermore, we are happy to support you in the preparation, structuring and set-up of a data lake or data lakehouse, or in the sensible combination of various existing or new databases.

Combine your new data lake or data warehouse with existing Qlik scripts

You have decided to modernize your data warehouse or build a data lake? Then you’re on the right track to gaining more valuable insights from your data. However, you previously built your ETL route entirely using Qlik scripts and are now worried that you’ll have to completely rewrite the scripts?

We will help you to transfer your data quickly and efficiently into a data warehouse or data lake while continuing to use your Qlik scripts.

Successfully managing the transition to a modern cloud data warehouse

You are using a traditional on-premises data warehouse but are reaching its limits? Today, historically grown data warehouses can no longer meet the requirements for agility, flexibility and speed needed to process and evaluate large volumes of data in real time. Additionally, the requirements of specialist departments can often no longer be implemented while the and maintenance costs are constantly on the rise.

We provide consulting services for data warehouse modernization and support you in the transformation process towards a modern cloud data warehouse. With the right migration strategy and architecture, we will design a sustainable data warehouse for you.

Reach your goal faster with the automated data warehouse

You would like to save time and expenses when setting up and maintaining your data warehouse? By using automation tools for your data warehouse, it is possible to significantly reduce time-consuming tasks. With replication tools, such as Qlik Replicate, we can help you replicate, collect, and stream large amounts of data quickly across systems.

We also support you in the automation of data warehouse creation. Automation tools, such as Qlik Compose, can help design, and build data warehouses faster. This way, for example, ETL codes can be generated automatically, along with automatic updates.

Your data is integrated? Here’s how to continue!

Your data has been successfully cleansed, transformed, and enriched? Then the first step towards data analytics is accomplished. This is where it becomes really exciting. Use your data to conduct analyses and gain new insights that will help you improve your business situation.

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