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Power BI consulting

Analyze large amounts of data easily and intuitively

Power BI consulting

Analyze large amounts of data easily and intuitively

Microsoft Power BI is an analysis platform and offers companies the possibility to integrate data from different systems, to analyze correlations and to visualize this data in interactive dashboards and reports. The goal is to gain new insights out of the processed data and to be able to make the right business decisions driven by data.

The user interface is reminiscent of other Microsoft Office products, such as Excel or PowerPoint, and is therefore familiar as well as intuitive for Microsoft Office users. Power BI is available as a cloud and on-premises solution while its self-service analytics make it incredibly easy to use. Additionally, no programming skills are required to create dashboards and reports.

Power BI Dashboards on PC, tablet and smartphone

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Powerful BI solution for your data visualizations

  • Pre-built as well as user-defined data connectors

  • Microsoft Power Query for an easy and customizable data structure

  • Large pool of hundreds of options for data visualization

  • Full functionality via web browser

  • Real-time analytics: know what’s happening now and be able to react immediately

  • Native apps for smartphones and tablets for a mobile and secure live access on the go

  • AI functionality for more accurate predictions

The world of data analysis and visualization is open to all users

Microsoft Power BI, with its self-service analytics, offers any user the ability to easily create analyses and dashboards. To create a report, the user can select a fitting visualization (such as a pie chart) and drag it to the appropriate location within the report.

The data to be displayed can then be pulled into the predefined data fields via drag and drop so that the visualization automatically fills with the data.

After an introduction to the logic and possibilities of Power BI, any user can thus independently create dashboards and reports. This does not require any knowledge of programming or advanced analyst skills.

The individual objects are interactive, allowing a deeper insight into the data at any time, both to scrutinize changes in the data and gain insights from those changes. Power BI is available to users in all areas of business, from finance to marketing and sales down to supply chain and manufacturing.

In addition, Power BI’s progressive integration into Microsoft Teams will make it even easier, more direct and more collaborative for employees to work together in Power BI, whether in the office or remotely. Employees from different divisions of the company will be able to take a joint look at the data, analyze deviations from targets and initiate corrections or countermeasures at an early stage.

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