data insights

Data Insights

Start today with making the best decisions for tomorrow

Data Insights

Start today with making the best decisions for tomorrow

With Data Insights, we offer you the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of your data that goes beyond simply looking at your past-related business metrics.

We help you find answers to very specific questions, identify patterns and correlations in your data, and promote the growth of your business by identifying new potential.

data insights

The knowledge gained from Data Insights will help you in the following areas, among others:

  • For process optimization within the supply chain and production to save time, increase performance or reduce costs

  • In discovering new market, product, and service potentials for business expansion

  • In reducing business risks: Eliminate trial-and-error procedures

  • In predicting customer behavior and boosting customer loyalty

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Take a look into the future

Data Insights provides the ability to make predictions about future events, outcomes and performance based on historical data and existing processes. Use this look into the future to facilitate your decision-making process and to reduce potential risks.

Possible application scenarios for predictions:

  • Forecast of cash flows and other key financial figures
  • Customer behavior prediction and optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Minimization of warehousing through demand forecasts
  • Calculation of maintenance intervals and service life of production machines to reduce service times

Communicate more efficiently due to customer segmentation

Customer segments help you better understand your customers, target them more precisely, and play out certain marketing activities exclusively to relevant customers.

By using customer segmentation, we cluster certain customers into groups or segments for you based on similarities. The relevant criteria for the selection process are derived from the customer master data, customer needs, and previous customer behavior.

With customer segmentation, we assist you in optimizing the use of your marketing, sales and service resources. We support you in the selection of criteria as well as in the development and implementation of the right customer segmentation. Furthermore, we help you to find out which sales potentials different customer segments can offer you and when they can be optimally reached through which channels.

customer segmentation

Always choose the best course of action with Next Best Action

The goal of Next Best Action is to determine the optimal next course of action that will give you the best chance of success, the highest revenue, or the highest potential savings. We use your company- and customer-related data as well as forecasts and customer segmentations as a basis for calculating the Next Best Action, so that the Next Best Action model can be applied in different areas of the company.

For example, in marketing and sales, you receive a concrete recommendation for action regarding the next customer activity that addresses your customer in an optimal and needs-oriented manner. Our Next Best Action model analyzes customer behavior patterns and indicates which of your activities has the highest probability of success. This way you can reach your customers better with fewer, but the right interactions, and at the same time reduce your marketing and sales efforts immensely. It also allows measures to be suggested to you at an early stage to prevent customer churn and ensure customer loyalty.

In production, Next Best Actions can help you benefit from significant material, time and cost savings, as well as process improvements. For example, we support you in optimizing your machine maintenance process in a forward-looking manner (Predicitive Maintenance). In production, nothing is more costly than an unplanned machine downtime due to machine failures. With Next Best Action, we help you to predict failures and to prevent them through targeted maintenance at the optimal time.

We will guide you all the way through your data journey, supporting you from data integration and data analytics to predictive models, customer segmentation and Next Best Action.

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