Hanover, February 1 2023

“Optimize your Customer Engagement!“ This, or a similar phrase, is how many companies are currently encountering the term “customer engagement”. But what exactly does customer engagement mean and why is it important? Today, I would like to answer these very questions for you.

A query for the term “customer engagement” in a popular search engine describes it as “dedication that a customer gives to a brand or company.”

But why should a customer show commitment to a brand or a company?

The answer is quite simple: A customer is only committed to a brand or a company if he or she is taken with it, enthusiastic about it, or even convinced by it. For this to happen, there must already be a certain degree of commitment established with a customer.
If this bond is intensified through the right interactions, such a “committed” customer can bring far-reaching benefits to your business through their engagement.

And why are engaged customers so important?

This, too, can be easily explained:

  • Customers who are committed to a brand or company feel connected to it, and the likelihood of switching brands or companies is significantly reduced.
  • As a result, committed customers are automatically less price sensitive.
  • In addition, these customers offer greater potential for expanding and developing the business relationship.
  • Highly engaged customers can be developed into multipliers or “brand ambassadors” who, through their interactions, e.g. in social networks, advertise your company or brand and help to acquire new customers.

In summary, this means that engaged customers offer great potential for growing your business.

And how do customers become engaged?

If you take a closer look at the term “customer engagement”, it can mean both “engagement of the customer” and “engagement for the customer”. This dual interpretation of the term now provides a nice bridge to how customers can become engaged customers. And that requires some commitment on your part!
In my upcoming post next week, I am going to tell you more about what you need to do to develop your customers into engaged customers – putting a special focus on the life sciences industry, in which I have worked for over 20 years.

About me
Hello, I’m Alexander Fiedler. As a customer engagement expert I have gained diverse experience in the areas of customer relationship management and customer engagement in the life sciences industry over the past 22 years. I look forward to meeting with you in person to provide insight on how you can achieve successful engagement in the future.

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