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Covid-19 has greatly changed the customer approach in the life sciences industry and has been instrumental in developing the omnichannel strategy in a “digital first” world. Over the past 2 years, new sales and marketing channels have been established. Now it is important to be able to evaluate the success of past measures and plan the customer journey of the future.

Join our free webinar and learn how to solve challenges like these:

  • How can all customer data be integrated holistically for a 360° customer view?
  • Which KPIs are useful for measuring the success of omnichannel activities?
  • Understanding and successfully communicating customer preferences for channels and touchpoints.
  • What does the Covid-19 customer engagement model look like?

In our webinar, we will help you address these challenges and show you real-world examples of practical KPIs and analytics that you can use for your own effective omnichannel strategy.


Marcos Garcia Villas is a customer engagement expert and has gained diverse experience in the field of customer relationship management within the life sciences industry over the past 16 years. Marcos provides our customers and you with in-depth process expertise to advise on customer engagement and next-best-action for their respective target audiences.

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