Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Understand your customers and optimize your customer engagement

Customer Engagement

Understand your customers and optimize your customer engagement

Customer engagement describes all interactions that professionals (HCPs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs) have with your organization along the customer journey. Our goal is to provide you with transparency on these interactions and to give you a 360° overview of the diverse and multi-layered activities of your customer engagement.

Together with you, we construct your own successful customer engagement model so that you can achieve your business and revenue goals with as few interactions as possible, yet always with the right ones.

customer engagement

What messages does a customer respond positively to?

Which channel of communication does the customer prefer?

Are emails being read? What content is being visited on the website?

When is the right time to approach customers?

Our service offers

With our customer engagement experts, we have accumulated many years of experience in the commercial and medical sectors of the life sciences industry and have built up a wealth of knowledge, developed best practices and achieved engagement successes. We would be happy to help you optimize your customer engagement as well. We advise both small and medium-sized life sciences companies as well as global corporations.

The challenge of a 360° customer view in omnichannel marketing

For the longest time, the sales and medical sales force has been the primary communication channel in the life sciences industry. Today, the modern customer engagement model thrives on a hybrid online and offline approach within the omnichannel mix. The 360° view of customers offers the potential to gain insights on how and when a customer can be optimally approached.

This is how we support you:

  • Development of your own omnichannel strategy

  • Support for the digitalization of your sales channels

    • Consultation on the selection and implementation of tools, e.g. remote meeting platforms such as Veeva Engage
    • Consultation on the introduction of approved emails, rep-triggered emails etc.
    • Integration of additional engagement channels
  • Evaluation of omnichannel activities

    • Consolidation of data from different data sources
    • KPI development for measuring success
    • Data analysis and visualization in dashboards and reports
    • Derivation of Next Best Actions

Measuring success with the right KPIs

For a sustainable customer relationship and efficient engagement management, it is necessary to define meaningful KPIs and to track them continuously. In collaboration with you, we develop the appropriate KPIs and prepare their implementation. We are happy to support you when it comes to the respective transition of your already existing dashboards, creating new dashboards and implementing the visualization of your KPIs in reports.

Instantly see at a glance how your marketing channels and campaigns are performing, how intensively your communication channels are being used by Sales Reps and Medical Science Liasion (MSL) Managers, how key sales metrics are performing, and to what extent the output is in line with your planned target achievement.

KPI examples for customer engagement

Determine the Next Best Action for each customer

Identifying the right activity at the right time via the appropriate channel for a particular customer for many marketing and sales executives. However, based on customer-related data (customer profile, engagement), company-related data (product availability, season, …) as well as predictive models and customer segmentations, it is quite possible to analytically determine a recommended course of action for the next customer interaction. This recommended action is called the Next Best Action, which gives you the greatest chance of with the right message at the right time.

In this regard, the recommended action may be a sales activity (e.g. call), a marketing campaign (e.g. white paper promotion), or a medical contact (e.g. MSL visit). Ensure your long-term success by using Next Best Action.

Success through the right employee training

Through People Enablement, we teach your sales, marketing, or medical staff our holistic approach that contextualizes the proper use of the CRM system, the interpretation of the acquired data using the BI system, and the planning of next steps in customer engagement.

We enable your employees to use the available channels efficiently and effectively, as well as to correctly interpret the data obtained and derive the best next steps from it.

In this way, silo thinking can be avoided and cross-departmental working can be promoted.

Customer Life Cycle Management within the CRM system

The CRM system is more than just a customer database. The CRM system brings together all processes from the areas of marketing, sales and service (customer support) and thus forms the basis for comprehensive customer life cycle management.

However, the implementation and management of a CRM system is complex. We accompany you in your CRM project both on a strategic and on an operational level regarding the following aspects:

  • Technology-independent consulting for the selection of the CRM system, including requirements workshops, specifications as well as system comparison and recommendation

  • Support during the implementation of the CRM system

  • Preparation and implementation of data migration

  • Change management during implementation

  • Analysis and optimization of CRM processes

  • Extension of functionalities of existing CRM systems

  • Connection of additional data sources, software systems and analytics solutions

Satisfied users through embedded analytics

Embedded Analytics Solution in Veeva CRM on laptop

Integrating the analyses from the BI tool into the CRM system often poses a major challenge for many companies. To save you the costly and time-consuming integration of your data, we have developed an embedded analytics solution. With it, you can view all analyses and dashboards from your BI tool (e.g. Qlik) directly in your CRM system (e.g. Veeva) – without any data integration. In addition, deep linking allows your users to easily switch back and forth between analyses and customer profiles, allowing them to efficiently plan targeted activities.

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