Lüneburg, May 26th 2017

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. is one of the market leaders in the field of packaging components and systems for the life sciences industry.

To improve monitoring and control of the production processes, the production monitoring had to be optimized. Important requirements for the BI solution were real-time monitoring, the processing of large amounts of data from the MES and SAP, and a comprehensible visualization of the analyses on dashboards and in reports.

QlikView was selected because it fulfills these prerequisites and, with its simple data connection and flexible visualization, is the ideal tool to use.

The Lizardis GmbH was entrusted with the realization of the project. Thanks to our QlikView expertise as well as our experience in understanding key figures and complex processes in the life sciences, we were selected for the project. In a short period of time, we built the architecture, identified and integrated the relevant source systems and implemented appropriate dashboards and reports for production monitoring.

The BI system was introduced in 3 facilities while being in its pilot phase with a complete cessation of manual data entry. Production monitoring is available via screens to all employees in the production halls. Additionally, shift supervisors and department managers also work with the monitoring via PC.

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