Hannover, 10.08.2021

When moving from QlikView® to Qlik Sense®, many companies face various challenges. A major problem, as with any software change, is the lack of user acceptance for a new solution. Users are used to their existing interfaces and know exactly how to get to the relevant information quickly. A software change therefore always carries the risk that users will not find their way around the new interface or will not use the tool because familiar functions are missing. To compensate for these usability disadvantages, companies spend a lot of money on programming new interfaces, extra interfaces and additional functionalities.

Many companies also have to deal with these problems when migrating from QlikView® to Qlik Sense®. While Qlik Sense is a best-in-class self-service BI tool, it lacks simple management dashboards, guided analytics and flexible visualizations, and portal integrations.

There are two ways to help you make the move from QlikView® to Qlik Sense® a success, convincing your users to make the switch while saving money on expensive add-ons:

  1. Qlik Analytics Modernization Program (AMP)
    With the AMP, Qlik currently offers all QlikView® users to use QlikView® and Qlik Sense® in parallel for 3 years at no additional cost. This allows you to prepare the transition to Qlik Sense in peace, e.g. by switching dashboard by dashboard. You can give your users access to both tools so that they can slowly get used to them.    
  2. Qlik Add-on JoMash for free visualizations
    JoMash is a special mashup for Qlik Sense® that makes the transition from QlikView® to Qlik Sense® much easier and also improves existing Qlik Sense installations. It combines the advantages of QlikView® and Qlik Sense®. Visualizations can be designed completely freely, without any web developer skills. Design options known from QlikView® can be easily integrated into Qlik Sense® with JoMash.

We have already successfully supported our customers in switching from QlikView® to Qlik Sense® and would also be happy to help you and your Qlik partner. We would be happy to share more information with you in a free 30-minute consultation appointment. Simply book your appointment with our colleague Marcus Locher here.