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In this blog series, we provide initial insights into the tasks of our employees, take you into our day-to-day business and interview our colleagues about their work with us.

 In this experience report, our colleague Mats talks about his experiences as a Consultant Data Insights at Lizardis.

Steckbrief Mats

Q: You’ve been a part of us for three years now. Tell us, how have you been since then?

A: Very well. Looking back, I can say that the learning curve up to this point has been steep, but I’m still learning new things every day. This creates a feeling of satisfaction, but at the same time keeps my motivation high to keep developing.

Q: What expectations did you have at the beginning of your job?

A: To be equally challenged and supported. This expectation has been fulfilled, and I am very happy about it because it always reminds me that I made the right decision.

Q: What challenges did you face when you started your job?

A: The biggest challenge was that I had virtually no face-to-face contact with colleagues in the first few weeks of my job. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that was in full swing, everyone was working from home. This meant that I had to pick up the phone for any question, no matter how small, and wait if the contact person was in a meeting or otherwise busy. But it wasn’t a problem of my own making, it was just the situation.

Q: What does your working day look like?

A: I am usually involved in several projects at the same time as a developer. This means that I prioritize my tasks in advance according to urgency and effort. Within the projects, I then implement the specified requirements in my role as a developer and/or liaise closely with customers to provide advice.

Q: What tasks do you take on at Lizardis?

A: In most cases, I implement the customer’s requirements in day-to-day business. As a rule, this means setting up or optimizing data models and their architecture or visualizing the underlying data. In addition, one of our team’s internal tasks is to build up expertise in new technologies to be able to (further) develop appropriate solutions with their help.

Q: Which tasks do you particularly enjoy?

A: I really enjoy familiarizing myself with complex logic or problems and solving them. These are usually linked to data modeling in day-to-day business.

Q: Do you work a lot in a team or more on your own?

A: That always depends. Coordination naturally takes place within the team. However, I implement the practical requirements independently.

Q: Our work is focused on life sciences. What special features do life sciences bring to your work?

A: The life sciences sector (in Germany) is a highly regulated and complex landscape. A certain level of expertise is required to be able to communicate with customers on an equal footing regarding their key figures and logics. This means that I am not only constantly developing my technical skills, but industry knowledge is also crucial.

Q: Are there any points that bother you?

A: I can agree with my colleague Maike here. Recording working hours is part of the daily tasks, but it’s not something I do with enthusiasm.

Q: Last but not least: what do you particularly like about Lizardis? What do you value most here?

A: The working atmosphere among my colleagues and the opportunity to develop according to my interests within the company.


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