Barcelona, November 16th 2021

With OpenData, Veeva Systems offers reference data to life sciences companies worldwide. Currently more than 16 million profiles of HCPs and HCOs are available and include data on demographics, specialties, licenses, and contact options and preferences.

Life sciences companies can integrate these data sets directly into Veeva CRM and link them to their existing data to improve data quality. This gives sales a much more comprehensive and accurate picture of key contacts. The goal is to “find and reach more of the right specialists for rare disease,” according to David Andrew, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Life sciences companies can use the improved data set to reach new customers more easily and improve personalized communications. More targeted communication with the right contacts can thus improve patient care.

In a press release today, Veeva Systems announced that OpenData reference customer data will be expanded across Europe in 2022.

More information about Veeva OpenData can be found here.

Source:, November 16th 2021