Lüneburg, February 24th 2021



STARCAR, the largest medium-sized car rental company in Germany with over 35 stations located throughout the country, uses a BI solution, developed by Lizardis, for the precise management of its vehicle fleet.

Within 14 days, Lizardis provided STARCAR with a productively usable solution based on the business intelligence system Qlik Sense®.

Around 50 employees working in the sales, finance and HR departments, fleet management and the executive board use the BI solution via both desktop computer and mobile devices to obtain information about current figures.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as utilization, revenue, costs, and earnings are constantly available and can be viewed from various perspectives such as the entire fleet, stations, vehicle groups or individual vehicles. Other KPIs include the number of vehicle pick-ups (check-out) and vehicle returns (check-in), the number of vehicles, the number of reservations for the coming days and the number of cancellations with the according reasons for cancellation. Financial key figures such as the account balance and the status of open items can also be easily accessed.

The foundation for the system is formed by data from various source systems such as the industry solution C-Rent and the accounting software Addison, which are centrally merged in Qlik Sense and made available for analytical processing.

“The speed at which markets are changing due to external influences has picked up a lot, also due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies are dependent on adapting their marketing and sales strategies and measuring changing conditions as quickly as possible,” says Volker Kruse, Managing Director of Lizardis GmbH. “The basic prerequisite is the uncomplicatedly available insight into company data from different perpspectives. This is exactly the transparency we enable with our business intelligence solutions.”

“If you want to stay competitive, you need to know your business inside out,” confirms Sören Wohler, Managing Director of STARCAR. “We noticed, especially at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, how important it is to have a quick access to current data without everyone having to gather relevant figures themselves and evaluating them in Excel. We spent at least an hour every day just finding out the most important sales and earnings figures. With Lizardis’ BI solution, all it takes is the push of a button to retrieve current and reliable figures on a wide variety of topics,” says Sören Wohler. “The graphical visualization of the data also ensures that you can see very quickly and directly where you need to take a closer look and react.”