Pharma meets Business Intelligence:
Benefit from data integration, analysis & insights

The pharmaceutical world is on the move

The pharmaceutical industry has always been characterized by rapid changes, such as patent cliffs, regulations and new developments in the market.

These changes require continuous market monitoring and adaptation of production processes and distribution structures. Analyzing your data from various data sources in real time allows you to react quickly and proactively to market situations and helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Do you know the return on interaction score of your key account managers and what it says? And do you have a 360° view of your healthcare professionals? We can help you answer these questions and more!

Pharma ahead with bi

Your data is your competitive advantage: exploit the full potential of your data!

What we offer:

  • Pharmaceutical expertise through decades of work in numerous national and international projects with well-known customers

  • Integration of all data sources as well as enrichment with additional data sources

  • Definition of meaningful KPIs for your omni-channel strategy

  • Implementation of intuitive dashboards and attractive reports

  • Direct integration of reporting into the Veeva & Salesforce and other CRM system dashboards for the key account managers

  • Realization within a short time

Your benefit:

  • Digitization of the commercial division and the diverse channel mix after the collapse of F2F interactions due to Covid19

  • Data and process transparency from research & development over suppliers & production to marketing, sales, and finance

  • Reliable KPIs you can work with

  • 360° customer view: understand which customer approach has the greatest chance of success with which target group

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Establishment of the Omni Channel Strategy

Covid19 changes everything

Covid19 and the radical decline of face-to-face customer contact is once again presenting new challenges to the pharma industry. Instead of the traditional focus on the single channel strategy through sales force visits, digital marketing tools (e.g. rep triggered emails, newsletters, webinars) need to be established and omni channel strategies implemented.

This entails the implementation of additional data sources, the definition of new KPIs and the extension of existing evaluations. We support you with the appropriate business intelligence solution and our industry knowledge.

Pharma channel strategy change

4 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are among our customers. Take action like they did:

Achieve 30% more sales with the same sales capacity.
Or reduce your sales capacity by 50% with the same turnover.

We will be happy to provide you with our references upon request.

Pharma Analytics & Insights

Lizardis enables you to integrate your various data sources with the right business intelligence solution so that you can gain important insights from your data. For a 360° view of your company, it makes sense to integrate all existing data sources. We make this possible for you.

CRM Analytics are the core analyses of your sales force’s activities. It does not matter for us whether you use Veeva, Mobile Intelligence or another CRM solution. The following data can be used and evaluated here, among others: Daily Activity, Interactions, Targeting & Segmentation, Product Detailings, Key Message Analysis, Closed Loop Marketing, Approved E-Mail, Geo-Analytics, 360° Customver View

Omni Channel Analytics merges multi channel marketing by key account managers with corporate communication channels (e.g. corporate newsletter, website, professional articles). By merging all the information available on the customer about their reactions to or interactions with various marketing instruments, we create a holistic view of the customer. This helps you understand which customers you are currently reaching through which channels and how best to reach them in the future. What is the right channel mix for A customers, B customers or C customers? What influence do certain channels or measures have on actual sales?

Territory Insight maps market data at brick level and allows you to analyze in detail in which territories you have which market shares and how these develop over time. We also link this data with CRM Analytics and Market Insight. This tells you what share each brick has of sales as well as in terms of visits. Do your employees spend most of their time in bricks that are responsible for sales?

Market Insight maps market data on a country level. With this solution you can analyze what market share you have in a country, who are the top 10 in a country, which ATC classes are performing best and much more.

Distributor Analytics focuses on markets where you sell products mainly through distributors and get detailed data about your distributors’ sales. Especially the integration of the data with CRM, allows you to correlate the sales of your top customers with the visits, to track exactly which customers are doing well, which are doing less well and which customers have a lot of potential, so that additional visits can be worthwhile.

Ex-Factory displays the direct sales from your ERP system and plots them in terms of OP, F1, F2, F3 as well as the last year. For health care organizations to which you sell directly, you can correlate the data with your CRM data or market data to analyze in detail the evolution of customers in terms of sales and visits.

Patient Data integrates various sources of patient data and helps gain insight into drop-ins and drop-outs. Depending on the level of detail in the data, you can learn to which product patients are migrating to or which products were previously used.

We offer standard apps especially for production & quality assurance, which access ERP (SAP), MES, LIMS, Excel and other databases and thus allow cross-system analysis.

All attachments for the aPQR in seconds? Not possible? Yes it is! With our approach you can compile all quality and production relevant information in seconds. Fixed document formats and free analysis make the solution a valuable reporting and analysis tool.

In addition, further data sources can be connected according to availability. This applies both to data sources that you collect yourself and to e. g. market research databases that you want to integrate additionally.

Pharma Analysen

Your advantages

  • Faster introduction and thus lower project costs

  • Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide

  • Predefined processes created especially for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Utilization of analysis paths that have been proven in use

  • Batch traceability across all systems in seconds

  • Free associative search in sales and production for regions, customers, feed materials, machines, staff etc.

Your IT department also benefits from our BI solutions:
Requests for help with analyses and reportings are almost zero
and changes only take minutes instead of days

Self-service BI or guided analysis? With us, you don’t have to choose one or the other!
We offer you and your users the optimal BI solution for both.

We rely on the products of Qlik®! Why?

  • Easy and fast integration of different data sources directly into Qlik® – even without a data ware house

  • Direct and easy integration with Salesforce, Veeva and other CRM solutions possible

  • Top performance: for 90 million data records < 5 seconds response time

  • Unbeatable self-service BI

  • Simple, guided analysis for end users with JoMash for Qlik Sense®

Embedded Analytics:
High ease of use for your key account managers with CRM integration

The CRM system (e.g. Veeva, Salesforce) is the most important tool for the daily work of key account managers in pharmaceutical companies. Customer reports in turn are available via BI solutions. Jumping back and forth between applications is uncomfortable and costs a lot of time. User acceptance for BI tools is therefore relatively low among key account managers. Yet they would benefit immensely from the results of these  BI reports.

The alternative is to integrate all data to be displayed directly into the CRM system. However, this is very costly and an unnecessary detour, because all data sources are already integrated in your BI solution.

We can display single objects, whole sheets and dashboards directly in Veeva iRep, Salesforce Lightning or other CRM systems. The look & feel for the key account manager is identical to the CRM system and user acceptance is therefore very high. The reports displayed are interactive, allowing the key account manager to click on an individual health care professional at any time and go directly to the account in order to initiate activities such as calls.

Sounds interesting? Learn more: Embedded Analytics

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