QlikTech® International AB

QlikTech® (NASDAQ: QLIK) is a leading provider of data discovery, offering intuitive solutions for self-service data visualizations and guided analyses. More than 36,000 clients rely on Qlik® solutions to obtain more significance from their information gleaned from various data sources. They use Qlik® solutions to find hidden relationships between data that will then lead them to valuable insights and good ideas.


ThoughtSpot is the leader in search & AI-driven analytics. ThoughtSpot’s next generation analytics platform is helping the largest companies in the world succeed in the digital era by putting the power of a thousand analysts in every business person’s hands. With ThoughtSpot, business people can use Google-like search to easily analyze billions of rows of data and get trusted insights to questions they didn’t know to ask, automatically – all with a single click. ThoughtSpot connects with any on-premise, cloud, big data, or desktop data source, deploying 85 percent faster than legacy technologies.


The mission at NodeGraph is to transform the data governance industry. Together with their growing family, NodeGraph creates an environment where trust, understanding and governance are key elements within your data analysis. Ultimately, NodeGraph provides you with the tools to discover what is hidden in your metadata and let you focus on what really matters. NodeGraph – Your data starts here!

ERA Business Technology

For the South American market, “ERA” supports us in the area of business intelligence. ERA has excellent BI knowledge and understands the local requirements, so that we can jointly manage global project optimally.

NP Ge0Map

Noindl GmbH manufactures the product NPGeoMap, a QlikView® extension for geovisualization of QlikView® data and various additional products (NPGeoCoding, NPMapMaker, NPMailer, NPPrint&Mail). They are a technology partner of Qlik®.


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