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the time has come!  






   Finally the time has come! 


Our new corporate design &
our new website are live  🥳 


Our new corporate design & our new website are live  🥳 


Over the past months we have been very busy working on the relaunch of our corporate design as well as our website.
We look forward to finally sharing the results of our work with you. Let’s start by clarifying two important questions:

🤓 We are data enthusiasts
💊 We are passionate about life sciences
🌟 Our industry know-how, our technological expertise and our unique team spirit make us special
🏁 Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations

Our new logo

The very heart of our new corporate design is our redesigned logo. It is young, fresh, modern and bold – making our logo, like us, stand out from the classic consulting world.

  • The curved font stands for our agility, flexibility and adaptability – after our namesake, the Lizard.
  • The claim “Business Intelligence” is omitted, because we offer much more: We are data enthusiasts and the claim “The Data Enthusiasts” will therefore complement our logo, depending on the occasion.
  • Within the gray lettering, the colorful “i” dots stand out clearly to represent our individuality – something that applies for both our services, as well as our team.


Old vs. new:

Ehemaliges Lizardis LogoLizardis The Data Enthusiasts



Screencast Lizardis website

Our new website

As data enthusiasts, our services center around data integration, data analytics, data insights and customer engagement. These topics also form the focus of our website. Here we show you what you can expect from us in these areas.

We are gradually preparing exciting topics from the world of data in blog articles and videos for you to discover on our website. You would also like valuable insights for your business? Subscribe to our newsletter and we will inform you about our latest news.