JoMash für Qlik Sense

JoMash for Qlik Sense®

Combine the benefits of QlikView® and Qlik Sense® in one application

JoMash for Qlik Sense®

Combine the benefits of QlikView® and Qlik Sense® in one application

Qlik Sense® is excellently suited as a self-service BI solution. However, many QlikView® users miss features such as simple management dashboards, guided analyses and flexible visualizations when switching to Qlik Sense®.

This is exactly where JoMash comes in: With JoMash, you get full flexibility when it comes to the interface design, as well as more information within fewer clicks. The dashboard operation follows the standard browser operating methodology. Thus, no programming knowledge is required in order to create appealing dashboards and analyses.

That is why JoMash is suitable for all Qlik Sense® users who wish for a better interface with features such as free positioning, an individual corporate design and intuitive filter options.

OEMs and Qlik® partners also benefit from using JoMash, as it allows for standardized, reusable mashups to be quickly and easily created in a matter of hours.


Why JoMash?

These are the features JoMash offers:

  • Guided analytics, as known from QlikView® for Qlik Sense® Enterprise Client Managed Users

  • User-friendly multi-level navigation

  • Positioning of objects via drag and drop as well as an option to show and hide them

  • Intuitive filter panel and drop-down lists for all objects

  • Integration of any number of Qlik Sense® apps in one application – no unnecessary jumping between apps

  • Customized corporate design

  • Creation of mashups without requiring programming knowledge

  • Responsive design for all devices

  • Integration of external content, such as weather forecasts, stock market charts etc.

  • data export into all common file formats

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