Mashup development.

JoMash Elements provides reusable components for the integration of Qlik Sense® objects into any web page. This makes it the ideal tool for all web developers and OEM partners who wish to integrate Qlik Sense® or create individual mashups. The time needed is reduced from many days to a few hours.

Reusable components:

Qlik Sense® objects from multiple applications can be integrated into your project with just one line of HTML code without you having to implement the communication with the Qlik Sense® API yourself. What is more, numerous functionalities are available for your integrated objects, such as full screen or export to Excel, PDF or image. Besides the integration of Qlik Sense® objects, you can also use all the functions from JoMash in components.

Any web framework possible:

JoMash Elements adapts to any development environment used. The development can take place in JavaScript, TypeScript or Dart. Any frameworks such as AngularJS or ReactJS are supported.

Knowledge of Qlik Sense® API not necessary:

Direct communication with the Qlik Sense® API is not required. Server names and app IDs are stored in the configuration. The components take care of session handling and performance management.

The chance.

  • Considerable reduction in project investment and costs many times over
  • Significant reduction in follow-up costs due to maintenance and support
  • New releases are made available for each Qlik Sense® release
  • New user groups can be reached by individual applications
  • More acceptance in the business due to better usability


  • Simple embedding of Qlik Sense® objects on a page with 1 line of code
  • Qlik Sense® objects with stylable title and footer
  • Enter the app ID for Dev, Test, Prod and Local once – and you never need to touch it again
  • CSV, PDF and image export exactly the same as in native Qlik Sense®
  • High-performance website
  • Multi-level navigation
  • Integrated intelligent search
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Fully configurable filter panel
    • Can be hidden and shown
    • Filter tabs can be configured
    • Visibility of filter tabs can be configured on separate pages
    • Simple addition of dropdown lists for selecting fields and executing actions. KPI boxes with consistent design and tables with simple show/hide options for columns